If you have your own web hosting server, virtual or dedicated, you'll be able to start your own web hosting reseller business and to get good money in a niche that is maintaining growth each and every year. With the growing need for sites, you'll need only three things to start - a server; a payment app, which will be the connection between your online store and the website hosting space; and an account with a payment processor, that will allow you to accept web transactions. Since there are ready-made reseller programs available, the use of your own server will give you further control over the software environment. The ability to set up server-side software, for instance, will give you a benefit over rivals and means more satisfied clients. When you use a standard reseller program, the accounts are made on a shared server, therefore no software can be installed and, because of this, some sites may not work effectively. Having your own reseller business will give you the option to generate income, while you can still use the server for your own Internet sites too.
Reselling Options in Dedicated Servers Hosting
We supply powerful Linux dedicated servers hosting packages that will enable you to start a reseller business in a few easy steps. The packages are different in terms of price and system resources, and you will be able to select the perfect one based on the number of customers you want or expect to have. Considering that you'll have root-level access, you can adjust any setting or set up any server-side software you'd like. There're three website hosting Control Panels you are able to choose from on your order page - DirectAdmin, cPanel and Hepsia. You can use the first two, since they have both customer and reseller back-ends, and with DirectAdmin you can have resellers of your own. cPanel doesn't feature this functionality, but with each and every dedicated server acquired with this Control Panel we provide two freebies - a domain name reseller account with eNom, that's one of the largest domain registrars out there, and ClientExec, a powerful billing and support platform which will enable you to provide ticket support, to create hosting packages and collect payments online.