Even when you use the finest software and hardware around, there's always a chance that something could go wrong after some update, for instance. In such conditions, it would be extremely helpful if you have a backup of your content as you will avoid or limit the loss of files and you can restore the correct functionality of your sites promptly. If you use a shared web hosting account, conventional backups are made by the provider, but this isn't the case in case you've got a virtual or a dedicated server and a predicament may lead to the loss of precious information. To avoid this kind of scenarios, we provide a backup upgrade for our hosting server plans, so we can keep a copy of your data safely and securely on a separate hosting server and restore the content if needed. This way you won't have to concern yourself with losing anything even if you have very important information on the hosting server.
Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers Hosting
We offer weekly backups for each and every dedicated server, so regardless of what Operating System or hosting Control Panel you pick or what content you upload, we could keep a copy of your info on an individual machine and restore it any time you require it. The upgrade supply you with 50 GB of disk space that you can use and you can get it whenever you want with several clicks. If you want to have backups from the beginning, for example, you can order the service together with the dedicated web server, while if you need it afterwards, you can add it to your package deal from the billing area. While all hardware components are tested thoroughly, a software issue could appear anytime, so using our backup service will give you far more security, particularly if you have precious information on the server. You'll be able to employ this service as an element of our Managed Services package as well as well as a range of other hosting server management services which shall make the management of your dedicated web server a lot easier.