The service uptime is sometimes dismissed by a lot of people as they are searching for a new shared hosting provider, but it can often be much more significant in comparison with the actual plan features. It won't matter how good a plan is if the websites hosted inside the account are offline for extended time periods. These downtimes are frequently penalized by search engines like yahoo, not mentioning the fact that visitors will most likely not revisit a web site they experience issues with. Because of this, you must always look into the stability of the Internet hosting service before getting a new account so as to be certain that the prosperity of your sites will not be determined by third-party factors, but entirely on their content and on your marketing and advertising campaigns.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We guarantee 99.9% uptime for each and every semi-dedicated server plan obtained through our company. You can forget about your web site being unavailable for whatever reason as we employ a top-notch cloud hosting platform with a custom-built load balancing system. As opposed to handling everything on just a single server and risking one service to take everything down, we've allocated the various services among their own groups of servers. Basically, your files, database, emails, stats, and so forth, are addressed by separate clusters, therefore the failure of one web server will have no effect on the overall service or on your Internet sites. Multiple backbone Internet providers and diesel backup generators guarantee that infrastructural problems won't affect your sites either. We have hardware and software firewalls and a competent team of admins to check the incoming and outgoing traffic and to respond to every single software issue 24/7.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers Hosting
While we cannot control what you do with your dedicated server, the types of offline software and / or script-driven apps you set up on it or how often you restart it, we can ensure that it’s accessible a minimum of 99.9% of the time. Your server will be located in our state-of-the-art facility in the town center of Chicago and its uptime and accessibility will be ensured by powerful diesel backup generators and several Internet providers, so no blackouts or other infrastructural troubles will affect the proper work of your websites at any time. Our professional group of system admins will make sure that if your server freezes for some reason, it'll be rebooted right away. In order to avoid any chance of equipment failures, we are going to give you a hosting server with new and extensively tested hardware components to make sure that all of your websites are up and running no matter what.