RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. This is a type of computer memory, which, in contrast to other storage devices including hard disks or DVDs, permits the info to be accessed directly without reading the previous content located in it. Whenever a program is launched, it's stored inside the RAM, due to the fact that it may be accessed much more quickly than if it was read from another media device. With regards to the website hosting service itself, additional RAM means that more web apps can operate all at once on a given hosting server, especially if they're resource-demanding and are accessed by a large number of people at the same time. Unlike a shared web hosting plan where the resources of a given account may be flexible and often depend on what other end users consume also, a VPS provides a guaranteed amount of RAM you can use at all times. That memory is assigned to one web server only and shall not be used by other customers even if it is not in use.
Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Servers Hosting
When you acquire one of our dedicated server plans, you shall get a top-notch machine with enough RAM to run even a variety of resource-demanding web programs with no effect on the overall functionality of any of them. Since we test each and every hardware component before we use it when we assemble a hosting server, we shall make sure that the RAM sticks aren't faulty and that the server performs flawlessly. The physical memory which you will get shall be available all the time, so even in a situation where you use only a part of it for any period of time, we will never alter the configuration. You'll be able to examine the hardware, including the amount of RAM that you have, within the billing Control Panel.